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Talent Strategy

Gold Emperor has always abided by the concept of “people oriented” and considered people as the most valuable wealth for enterprise development. The talent force construction in Gold Emperor is basically based on three aspects: a long-term strategy dedicated to serving the Company; innovation and change dedicated to sustainable development of the Company; and career growth dedicated to staff development. We respect every single employee in the Company and have been committed to the goal of creating a staff selection, development, employment and retention system for fair competition, self-motivation, self-discipline and opportunity for talents to stand out so that we may maximize the potential of our human resources and achieve mutual development and growth of the Company and its employees.
Recruitment Policies

Possess both political integrity and professional competence; morality takes precedence; fair competition; and focus on performance
Essential Qualities

Integrity: We would like our employees to come down to earth, base on objective facts, take the rules and regulations as yardstick, scrupulously abide by their duties without being affected by personal preferences or benefits;

Dedication: We hope that our employees can recognize their own responsibilities, get down to work wholeheartedly, consciously take actions to perform their duties, take personal responsibility, possess a sense of mission, and at the same time focus on their own career development;

Efficiency: We hope both every single person and groups may fulfill their tasks highly efficiently as only by doing so can the Company maintain strong competitive advantages, thrive, and prosper;

Innovation: We call on our employees to possess a strong sense of innovation and continuously set challenging goals; we call for not only the innovation of products, but also of services as to creatively solve problems.

Cooperation: We call on our employees to actively undertake the related and cross responsiblities of different posts or voluntarily fill the vacancy to achieve highly effective coordination, share and exchange experience and skills, and work hard with other team members to complete goals together.


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