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Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Chen Yixin affirms during his survey that “technological research and development in Gold Emperor is amazing”

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Newspaper news reports “How is the production this year?”

“Our production has been busy. Orders have been basically full and placed till the year end.”

“How many new samples have you developed? How many orders have clients placed so far?”

“We have developed over 300 samples for clients in this season only; for the whole year we have developed over 1000 samples, and the order rate has also exceeded 80%”……

On July 3rd, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Chen Yixin went to Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to survey the entity economy and investigate Gold Emperor Group, and inquired about the production and operation of the enterprise from the Chairman of the Company Zhu Jianyong.

Chen Yixin noted that the development of Gold Emperor Shoes in traditional manufacturing industry is very encouraging. Use of computer information technology, including the research and development of 3D shoe pattern designs, has played a key role. The technological research and development capacity of the enterprise is remarkable. Once effectively integrated with information technology, traditional manufacturing industry is able to achieve excellent profits as well. Marketing model is essential, too. Electronic business makes the connection of one computer to thousands of markets possible and is becoming a new marketing model. I hope that while focusing on export, Gold Emperor may attach importance to electronic commerce and make good use of this platform to bring benefits to the Company.

Chen Yixin chose privately-owned small-to-medium enterprises, entity economy, development zone and Gold Emperor Group as his first investigation objects. He called on the enterprises to revitalize entity economy with joint effort and make new achievements in Wenzhou.

Chen Yixin was accompanied by municipal standing committee member and secretary general Chou Yangjun, vice director of municipal standing committee Meng Jianxin, deputy mayor Hu Ganggao, vice chairman of municipal CPPCC Wang Zhentao, and responsible people of municipal Economic and Information Committee and financial offices, director of Management Committee of the Development Zone Xu Pengbo, and vice director Zheng Jun and Chen Yeting, etc. The general manager of the Company Zhu Jianfeng and secretary of the party committee Wang Xiaochuan also participated in the reception of Chen Yixin and company.

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